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Cagibi::SSDPWatcher Class Reference

#include <ssdpwatcher.h>

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Detailed Description

Simple Service Discovery Protocol.

Definition at line 39 of file ssdpwatcher.h.

Public Slots

void discover ()


void deviceDiscovered (Cagibi::RootDevice *device)
void deviceRemoved (Cagibi::RootDevice *device)

Public Member Functions

QList< RootDevice * > devices () const
int devicesCount () const
 SSDPWatcher (QObject *parent=0)

Protected Slots

void onCacheTimedOut (RootDevice *device)
void onDeviceDescriptionDownloadDone (RootDevice *device, bool success)
void onUdpSocketError (QAbstractSocket::SocketError error)
void onUdpSocketReadyRead ()

Protected Member Functions

void handleMessage (const QByteArray &message)

Protected Attributes

QHash< QString, RootDevice * > mDevices
QSet< RootDevice * > mPendingDevices
QUdpSocket * mUdpSocket

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